ISSUE 6Cultivating a Healthy GrowRian BosmanWouldn’t it be nice to have that remarkable talent of having a “green thumb” – the Midas touch for Mother Nature. PHYTOSTIM® will help your plants grow lush and beautiful and increase your yield exponentially.
The growth enhancing qualities of Moringa have been known for a long time, although official research publications only date back to the early 1980s. There are over 600 official documents recording positive results from the application of Moringa to a variety of plants, detailing the efficacy of this vegetative fountain of life.
“Juice from fresh Moringa leaves can be used to produce an effective [spray containing] plant growth hormone, increasing yields by 25-30% for nearly any crop: onions, bell pepper, soya, maize, sorghum, coffee, tea, chili, melon ... One of the active substances is Zeatin1: a plant hormone from the cytokinins2 group. This foliar spray should be used in addition to (and not in lieu of) other fertilizers, watering and sound agricultural practices." (Price, 1985)
1Zeatin is a plant hormone which promotes growth of lateral buds, and, when sprayed on growth points stimulates cell division to produce bushier plants and induce shoot formation.
By utilising the regenerative and cell division enhancing properties of the Moringa we have created a special formulation that resulted in a product that will nourish your grow, improve its health and appearance, enhancing both foliage and flower to give you a yield that you can be proud of – EVERY TIME!

An organic (non-synthetic) bio-stimulant is produced using extracts of certain parts of the Moringa oleifera tree and can be applied either as a foliar spray or directly incorporated into your drip irrigation- or aquaponics system. It can be applied throughout the life cycle of the plant and used in conjunction with your current growing regime, simulating natural biodiversity through exposure to these special components that flourish in the African sun. PHYTOSTIM® encourages complementary soil microbes improving metabolic efficiency, root development and nutrient delivery.
Results can be seen almost instantly as the formulation helps to work on:
  • Enhancing bud quality and density
  • Increase yield in terms of plant weight and bud size
  • Improve the intake and efficiency of water usage
  • Improve the intake and efficiency of fertilizer absorption
  • Strengthen stress tolerance and recovery of the plant
  • Produce vibrant and healthy-looking plants
By acting directly on plant physiology through different pathways PHYTOSTIM® has also been proven to increase terpene- and cannabinoid development and improve overall crop vigour. Whether you are growing commercially or for yourself, PHYTOSTIM® will make a noticeable difference to your entire harvest, including your companion plants.
For a truly satisfying growing experience with visually stunning, full, and lush plants that produce strong, fragrant and heady bud that will knock your socks off and put you to bed smiling.PHYTOSTIM® is registered as a Group III Fertilizer. For more information visit

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