CBD ICE QUEENRISING TO THE OCCASIONAmmon RighiniAs an entrepreneur in the CBD brand development sector, I have been privileged to a unique vantage point as far as CBD cultivation and extraction is concerned. From Soil to Oil as some would say.The perk of an extremely labor-intensive process back then was watching nutrient rich and medicinal oil grow from a seed. I found it fascinating and thus gave me an even higher respect for mother nature’s resilience and vast viability in so many avenues we take for granted today.

Fast forward half a decade, being able to work with high end already extracted CBD has had a profound impact on my life as a naturally creative person. This being said, my long-term love and interest in food and wine has had a huge influence in my various creations so far.

I have been inspired to make new delicious and decadent delivery systems wrapped in branding that matched the feeling of that moment when the idea sparked, beamed down from the cosmos I like to think.

However, to make this cosmic seed blossom you need to take a few things into consideration.

Firstly, I ask myself is this brand Natural and organic, is it sustainable? Is the packaging bio-degradable or recyclable? For me those are non-negotiable principles that I base all my brands on.
Who will be trustworthy for me to share my unique idea? Who will I work with synergistically and who will hold a space for me when I feel like it’s all crashing? Who will put up the startup capital? Who will keep my financials intact? Are those I align myself with like-minded and motivated?

I have been fortunate to have worked with the same Designer Gary Nilson for a number of years on the last three projects, he knows how I think, does not get irritated with my late-night ranting or inspired crazy calls, he also amazingly calms me down when needed. His vast experience and flexible attitude is irreplaceable in my brand developmental process.
When I chose to make CBD Ice Cream my next brand it was so instinctive, and Gary was swift in his conceptualisation, knowing my alter ego and so ran with his gut and we co created what is now CBD ICE QUEEN’s branding. We went with a very simple logo compared to my last two brands and it makes perfect sense.

The creamery I decided to work with was a natural decision based on their very strong principles trust and consistency. I had known them for close on 10 years and have been a devout gobbler of their DIVINE Ice cream and Sorbet.
LESSONS LEARNED THE HARD WAYThat’s my two scoops and I’m off to eat some more coconut crush brought to you by THE CBD ICE QUEEN.Who you trust with your ideas can be a tricky one… TRUST NO ONE.

When you know you’re onto a winner, trademark it as soon as possible and form a company that holds that trademark. You never know when a coworker or their boyfriend go sour on you. Make sure you own all the creative IP.

When it comes to choosing who will blend my products, I make sure I know the quality will be consistent and my relationship with the person involved is fully transparent, as they have to get ratios right as well as stabilise the product to avoid losses.

The best thing about brand creation is seeing a thought become a tangible edible or drinkable product that you can hold in your hand, and know you created it and were involved in every part of the process.

A mind-blowing feeling and that’s what keeps me going.

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