Photo Credit: 420PhotographerSAThe Barefoot GardenerIt has recently been suggested globally that all cannabis products be made using raw materials grown from GMO seeds.
The whole GMO issue is being portrayed in the guise of a campaign meant to enforce usage of the most effective and beneficial quality seeds globally, throughout the industry. At closer inspection this is a ruse meant to obscure the fact that patents cannot be obtained for naturally occurring, organic substances like seeds.
The only way to ensure a patent and severely narrow the potential for competition in the field is to manipulate the genetics of a biological component, such as a seed, to the extent that it becomes a completely new seed with unique qualities that have been engineered within its structure. This gives large private entities the freedom and opportunity to dominate the entire grow sector with ease and leaves no room for home-grown interests.

I think that this is exactly what Big Pharma wants - for growers to be forced to buy new seeds for every crop and remove the ability to house mother plants on the actual cannabis farms, which is what allows each farm to develop and cultivate their unique strains more naturally.

These GMO strains are “over-bred” to enhance their THC or CBD efficacy and as a side effect diminish levels of other beneficial qualities, thereby losing its natural balance and some overall efficacy.
Nature is first always balanced. The original seed is balanced and perfect, a good seed. For that reason, I've been on a personal mission to store seeds from the past.
Serious players in the industry are afraid to put their names to paper, or to anything for fear of persecution.

This does nothing to further their own business or the possibilities for all businesses entering or existing in the field. There is work to be done yet, and we must each play our part. It is risky business when you are threatened at every turn though.

We are actually doing the work, doing the research and doing the actual science. Our projects have been ongoing for many years now, from planning to production, and all in the industry know how many hoops one is made to jump through and exactly how costly each new stipulation in the law becomes. It remains a tooth-and-nail fight to keep up and keep the business going. Now they are suddenly saying that we need to replace our crops with feminised GMO seeds. This is obviously not something we believe in doing.
No one likes a conspiracy theorist, so here are the facts:
The same companies that own our food regulation and production, also have interests in our medication and production thereof.

These entities work together to help regulate these, and many other industries that all have a direct effect on our access to good health and well-being.

This is achieved by controlling things like processing protocols, encouraging regulation surrounding pesticides and chemicals applied to product and many other factors along the production chain.

Allowing commercial access only to far less effective medications and strains, controlled by the same companies that produce very expensive pharmaceuticals which do more harm than good with often devastating and lasting side effects.

These companies also provide more synthetic medications to mitigate the above-mentioned side effects and continue the destructive cycle.

These companies are Global Conglomerates with seemingly unlimited manpower, resources and influence.

These are the entities currently in control of our Health and Well-being.
People get angry at me when I say that most stoners are really good people, previously having been associated with a dirty and dishonest, drug-addicted reputation.

The TRUTH is that in-taking cannabis from a natural and untainted source gives you the full spectrum of beneficial qualities that the cannabis plant contains. This includes the desire to be still and contemplate our existence. How would our situation be improved on this planet, in this country, community or home?
The ability to see things with a broader integrative perspective and to think up innovative solutions. Often community-minded animal lovers with BIG DREAMS of peace and love!
I am constantly working to achieve my dreams and wish you the strength and courage to work toward yours.

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