An answer to Chronic and Severe Pain
Author: Jani LotteringKratom is becoming commonplace on the natural health landscape for its multitude of uses due to its broad ranging effects. Kratom is very dose-specific, so it provides different benefits depending on how it’s used. The anti anxiety effects of Kratom, as well as it’s use for depression and focus related issues are well documented, but it’s potential as an alternative painkiller aren’t discussed as frequently.
For those among us who suffer from chronic pain conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia, or the unbearable pain resulting from back injuries and joint damage, Kratom seems to fill a much needed void between common over the counter analgesic painkillers like acetaminophen, aspirin and ibuprofen; and much stronger prescription pharmaceuticals like codeine, morphine and oxycodone, more commonly classified as opiates or opioids. These two basic groups of painkillers
treat pain related issues in completely different ways. Kratom offers some of the benefits of both of these types of pain medications, but generally in a milder and more holistic manner.

Analgesic painkillers help to ease pain by relieving the inflammation directly at the site that is causing the pain. For more severe or chronic pain, opioids are usually prescribed due to their powerful narcotic effects that treat pain very differently by acting directly on the brain and essentially distracting the patient from noticing the physical pain they’re feeling.
The dual action of Kratom helps to alleviate pain using both analgesic and opioid properties, however it’s important to understand that Kratom is not technically an “opioid”. The alkaloids in Kratom can interact with certain opioid receptors; specifically the Kappa and Mu receptors which are closely associated with our brain’s actual perception of feeling pain. Kratom can not attach or bind to the full range of opioid receptors which is why it doesn’t have the dangerous side effects of opioids like lowering our respiration and slowing breathing. The Kratom tree (or Mitragyna Speciosa) is not related to the Opium Poppy in any way. It’s purely a natural coincidence that it offers some of the same effects as opiates or opioids.

All strains of Kratom have certain analgesic and pain controlling abilities, but certain strains offer much higher potency in this area than others. It’s important to have a little background information regarding all these different strains so that you can make the wisest choice and get the best results for your specific pain management needs.

Generally speaking, the red and gold strains offer the highest painkilling effects and some good options are Red Borneo, Red or Gold Maeng Da and Gold Bali. It’s always best to get some expert advice and a good Kratom vendor should be able to direct and guide you to the many available options, or perhaps even recommend a specific blend of strains specifically for you. Every one of us is different and we all have our own unique biological chemistry so what works well for one person might not be the best choice for another.
One of the issues with Kratom and many other natural, plant based medicines is accurate dosage. These preparations aren’t made in a laboratory or pharmaceutical facility so dosages can vary quite wildly depending on a multitude of factors like where the plant was grown, how it was harvested, etc. This is another good reason to find a good Kratom vendor that can answer all your questions and offer good after sales support.
It’s always best to start with a very low dosage and see how you react. That way you can avoid any unpleasant reactions or side effects, and you can always take a little bit more if you need to. Most regular Kratom users find that a fairly small dose (about 2g) is usually all they need to provide similar or even better pain relief than their prescribed medications. In more severe cases, larger dosage may be required.
Kratom is available in various different forms, from raw powdered leaves, to carefully measured capsules and even tea bags. Many users prefer using the capsules because some find the taste of raw Kratom unpalatable; and it’s easier to monitor dosage. Personally, we find that the raw powdered form is the fastest acting and most efficient route available.
Kratom For South Africa has always been at the forefront of this amazing natural medicine and we pride ourselves on the extremely high quality of our products and the extensive support we offer our customers.
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